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The Four Faced Buddha has become a famous landmark in Richmond and has been protecting Parker Place Mall and many followers for more than 25 years. The shopping mall has newly replaced the Buddha housing and is going to hold an opening ceremony. As the graphic designer for this event, I have produced the design to be shown on poster, magazine, roll up banner, stage hanging banner, and mall advertising billboard.



A high colour contrast is shown in this design and the purpose is to create an attention on the Buddha status and the name of the event, especially on the word "Buddha" itself in Chinese. The dark leaves background is carefully chosen not only because of its contrasting colour but more importantly, it represents the nature and calmness. Detail information of the event has been really simplified down to limited wordings, and typography here helps to deliver the message effectively. And finally the border is an imitation of the Buddha house body. Overall the design is simple yet eye catching to audiences.